Optimize Applying for & Maintaining Cyber Insurance

Next to maintaining a robust cybersecurity and data privacy program, the most important thing an organization can do to protect itself from the effects of a cyberattack is to invest in cyber insurance. 

Getting and maintaining coverage, however, is no small task – it requires a high level of expertise and constant vigilance. 

In our e-book, A Compendium for Obtaining & Retaining Cyber Insurance, we cover everything you need to know about adding cyber insurance to your digital defense strategy. We dig into: 

  • What is cyber insurance? 
  • Maturing your cybersecurity & data privacy program
  • Working with a cybersecurity partner
  • What to look for in a policy 
  • & more 

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Did You Know... 

  • Not only are cyberattacks becoming more frequent, but they’re also getting more sophisticated?
  • The average cost of cyberattack recovery for an organization now exceeds $4 million?
  • Global cybercrime is expected to cause more than $10.5 trillion in financial damages by 2025?

For any organization conducting business in the digital realm, having a cyber insurance policy is no longer an option. Taking out a cyber insurance policy requires a deep dive into your organization’s existing defenses and regular maintenance to maintain compliance with the terms of coverage. 

By coming to the table prepared and working with a cybersecurity & data privacy partner, meeting an insurer’s terms for coverage becomes a much lighter lift – and gives you more peace of mind that your organization is protected. 

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